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From the Heart

Life at Base Camp, to most people, might be considered being in the middle of nowhere. Then you see the Amasa Back to the north, Hurrah Pass to the east, the Anti-Cline and Hatch Point to the south, and Canyonlands and Dead Horse Point to the west, with the Colorado River running along side, you realize you’ve found a place a little like Arches, more like Canyonlands, and the best part, without all the people.

On 145 acres with three quarters of a mile of Colorado River front you can walk a hundred feet from your room and begin your exploration of this incredibly beautiful landscape.

While planning your trip, you must make Base Camp Adventure Lodge a part. Worry about what you are going to do and see on other parts of your trip, but don’t worry about this part. The options are limitless and we’ll take very good care of you.

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Tom & Linny

Tom: Nice guy that lives at the lodge, knows the area inside out, and part time tortoise herder.

Linny: Fourteen year old girl and Tom's best friend who helps around Base Camp and a magnet for your children. She can do everything. She drove ATVs at six, dirt bikes at seven, jeeped and kayaked at eight, side by side and truck at nine. She rescues stranded people in the side by side or truck and is happy to volunteer to drive people's vehicles over obstacles they aren't sure they can do.


Mornings bring the arrival of multiple species of songbirds for food we’ve left for them. Joined by rock squirrels, Colorado chipmunks, and white-tailed antelope squirrels the feeding areas are abuzz with activity.

Kobae our security tortoise comes out mid morning and usually hangs on the front porch for a big chunk of the day but depending on the time of year he may take off hiking and somebody has to go with him to keep him out of trouble.

Off and on during the day you’ll run across lizards, squirrels, chipmunks and similar on the porches.

The evenings are usually spectacular and not long after comes the darkness. The darkness brings the little people that live by the river. Usually the ringtails are first and they will run in the porch rafters waiting for their hot dogs. No critter is cuter. The foxes will come shortly after. Up to three skunks arrive next. Two of the three you can hand feed. One is still a little bit wild. It’s useful to know the difference. After midnight the raccoons arrive and they’ll consume two bowls of Kit & Kaboodle quickly. Occasionally we have a badger that comes to the porch but he’s not very sociable and seems to have some attitude issues so we give him his space.

There are normally mule deer wandering the property and since at least Thanksgiving of last year lots of big horn sheep.