I use to run a large indoor soccer company. A guy contacts Gary who became President when I retired and says he owns a bunch of hockey rinks and some indoor soccer fields mostly in Canada. Perhaps we should get together and see what we have in common.

We spend three days at Base Camp doing some math and kicking around ideas and in the end agree that at least for the moment, we’re not a good fit. Things change, so somewhere down the road, perhaps.

It’s time to head to the airport. The lady at the airport dislikes me. The policy is be an hour early. For what? The plane holds 18. I’ve never seen more than six or seven get on. I’m not getting there an hour early. I know she has to run the baggage, direct the plane in, be there for security, and verify all the tickets. I didn’t say it was easy. In fairness, I have been warned plenty of times that one of these days they won’t let my guests on the plane if I’m not there an hour early.

We’ve left Base Camp plenty early. I don’t know about an hour, but we’ll probably get there 45 minutes early. As we get closer to town I ask if anybody is hungry. It’s unanimous. If you’ve been to Moab and haven’t eaten at Milts, well you haven’t really been to Moab. It’s not brand new but the best food I’ve ever eaten and as a former Jack In the Box addict, that’s saying a lot.

My experience is Milt’s is a little slow compared to the fast food places, but, it’s usually always crowded, and, it’s Milts. Our order arrives and we’ll have to eat driving because we’re going to get to the airport just about flight time. I park so close the automatic doors open up when the passenger side door opens and we rush in.

MiltsHer: “I knew it was going to be your people.”
Me: “Yes but….”
Her: “Don’t give me buts. How many times?”
Me: “Maybe a hundred but…..”
Her: “I don’t want to hear it.”
Me: I understand but….”
Her: But, but, and but. What did I tell you? How many times did I tell you? If you were late again I wouldn’t let you or your people on the plane.”
Me: “And normally you’d be justified in not letting them on and teaching me a lesson, but not this time. Really, I swear to you I have a good reason for being late.”
Her: “It better be.”
Me: “We left for the airport way early cause I knew you’d be mad at me and I like you. I don’t want you to be mad. On the way here I found out they had never eaten at Milts. Really, how can you come to Moab, then leave, without having eaten at Milts? That’s right, you can’t. I wanted to fix it.”
Her: “Hmmmm.”
Me: “Come on, have a heart, we’re talking Milts.”
Her: “That is pretty good. I’ll let your people on and give you one free time to be late.”

All hail Milts.

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