It’s a 17 mile drive to Base Camp and while the road is no longer the danger it was when we got here, it’s still memorable.

I see the car with very little ground clearance pull up in what passes to be our driveway. Two sort of shabby looking fellows get out. I leave the office to greet them.

Me: Can I help you?
Guy #1: Hey man, you got a disc golf course?
Me: I do.
Guy #2: Cool dude, you got some discs?
Me: I do. You drove all the way out here in that, to see if I had disc golf, but you didn’t bring any discs just in case I did? What if I didn’t have any discs to loan you?
Guy #1: Well, that’s not the real reasons we drove out here.
Me: I’ll be your Huckleberry?
Guy #2 For you. (hands me a brown paper sack)
Me: What’s in it?
Guy #1: Some MJ dude, and a bowl.
Me: Some what?
Guy #1: Dope dude, let’s smoke some dope.
Me: I don’t smoke dope dude.
Guy #2: Isn’t your manager leaving soon?
Me: Yes
Guy #2: I was told to bring you some dope, and then when you got high, to interview for the job.
Me: I’m not replacing the manager.
Guy #1: No way dude. My friends said they smoked a bowl with you a couple weeks ago and you told them you’d give the job to whoever brought you some dope.
Me: This seems like an obvious statement, to me anyway, I can see why it might not to you, your friends were high dude. It wasn’t me.
Guy #1: What, no way dude!
Me: Yes way dude.
Guy #2: Man, we drove all the way out here to get the job, and we brought you dope, we did everything we were supposed to, and you ain’t going to give us the job?
Me: Look at the bright side. More dope for you and you won’t even notice the big drop offs in the road on the way back. You might eventually kiss one, but you won’t notice.
Guy #1 and #2 together with surprised look on their faces: Whoa, right on brother!
Me: Well, it’s been real. It just hasn’t been real fun. Got lots of work to do. Smoke one for me boys.

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